Computational modeling and spatio-temporal prediction applied to social and geospatial problems.
Algorithms and frameworks for solving problems related to mobility and logistics.
Scientific computing for environment and geographical data processing
Algorithms and distributed processing methods for geospatial big data.
Analysis of Geospatial complex networks.
Algorithms and distributed processing methods for geospatial big data. Geolocations and geoparsing.
Machine Learning applied to problems with social relevance and geospatial focus.
Remote sensing and Geographic Information Systems.
Applications for solutions to socio-territorial problems.
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The articles must be submitted through the CMT3 platform.

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The articles must agree with the IEEE template for conference and proceedings

The articles must be written in english or spanish. English is preferred.

Articles in spanish must present the title and abstract written in english.

All the articles must satisfy the requirements and quality described in the General Call for Papers.

The extension of the articles must not exceed 8 pages.

The number of authors is limited to 7.

UPDATE: The publication fees and conference access cost is 3,000.00 MXN (The cost in US Dolars may vary, please ask to a commitee member)


Dr. Rodrigo López Farías

Spatio Temporal modeling with Machine Learning

Dr. Alberto García Robledo

High performance and parallel computing, big data, data visualization, network science

Dr. Sergio Ivvan Valdez Peña

Computer Science

Dr. Jorge Paredes Tavares

Water Sciences

Dr. Hector Solano Lamphar

Atmospheric Science

Dra. Daniela Moctezuma

Digital Image processing, machine learning, natural language processing and remote sensing

Dra. Angelina Espejel

Artificial Intelligence and Data Science